I decided to study event management because…

College of Event Management graduates tell us why they chose to study. We were surprised to see that it wasn’t all to do with finding a job. Here’s what they had to say…

Genie Lobodin
Account coordinator at Dot Dot Dash, an event styling and production agency.

“I decided to study event management because I love the fast paced, somewhat hectic nature of events. I love being able to have a concept and see it come into fruition – I find that aspect of the job very satisfying.”

“Studying was a good move as I was able to find work really quickly after graduation. I successfully interviewed for an internship a few days after delivering my Major Project Pitch, and was then offered a full time position within a month of starting the internship!”

Jordan Mackechnie
Events Assistant at The Candy Buffet Company

“I decided to study event management because I planned my year 11 debutante ball and a few charity functions and really enjoyed the hands on aspect and thought ‘why not try it as a career!’”

“Before I graduated I applied for some events positions and actually was successful with the first job I applied for and had an interview with. Even though that position didn’t last long, studying at the college gave me the skills and connections I needed to get a foot in the industry.”

Heidi Abbott
Association Relations Assistant at MCI

“I decided to study event management because I love events and the happiness and joy it brings people. The opportunity to see all your hard work and dedication come together is so satisfying and rewarding.”

“This particular course not only best prepared me for a job within the events industry but they gave me the confidence to apply for jobs. I found a job just 3 weeks after graduation.”

Claudia Caspers
Sales Team Administrative Assistant at Merivale head office

“I decided to study event management because of my love for putting on events and seeing everything come together. I really enjoy seeing people having fun and being a part of that experience.”

“If I hadn’t studied I wouldn’t have even known the job even existed. The college had a very strong relationship with Merivale. My course coordinator put me forward for the role and the rest is history!”

Connaire Mallett
Contractor at Vice Australia

“I decided to study event management because I have always enjoyed throwing events. Having an education behind that seemed like the right thing to do in order to find employment in the industry.”

“Without studying at the college I wouldn’t have known to utilise the contacts I had and to make more connections within the industry.”

Jemma Bergin
Venue Sourcing Assistant at the Venue Concierge

“I decided to study event management because after living overseas and attending music festivals, charity events and even birthdays I found myself wondering what it would entail to be in charge of organizing such events. I found the College of Event Management back in 2012 but was too scared to take the leap and ended up moving back overseas. After returning to Australia in 2014 I was determined to pursue a career in the events industry.”

“It only took a few days after graduation to secure my position. The college helped out as my boss knew the college staff through networking and became a large advocate for the college.”

Graduates from College of Event Management are job-ready! If you’re wanting to find out more about a career in event management there’s plenty of information on our website about our specialised event courses. Any of our course advisors will be more than happy to chat to you on 02 9280 4912 or you can request a call back HERE

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