My Internship: Georgia Beerens

Georgia is one switched on, focused girl when it comes to her event career. An event lover from way back, she is someone who saw the need for a job that a) keeps her on her toes b) keeps her challenged and c) uses her talent for organisation and management. Event management met that criteria and when it came to picking a course, Georgia wanted something relevant and industry focused. Let’s hear what Georgia says about the internship that she secured while studying…

CoEM: What events are you passionate about?
Georgia: Weddings, festivals and corporate functions! There’s not much I don’t love.

C: Where did you do your internship, what was your position and what were the terms of the internship i.e. how many days per week for how long?
G: I interned with American Express Meetings and Events (Global Business Travel), and worked on a Monday and Tuesday 9-5. My role essentially was an events assistant, where I helped in researching global destinations and finding restaurants, entertainment activities, such as tours, and I also helped in running a two-day conference.

C: What did a typical work day look like during your internship?
G: Most of my days were spent amongst the events team doing small tasks such as sourcing restaurants in America or Europe, and finding activities for their study tours to do. I also was lucky enough to go to a networking lunch cruise in Sydney Harbour, and was a point of contact at a two-day conference with a client.

C: Is working in events as glam as it sounds?
G: Yes and no – events are a lot of hard work and dedication. I got to see through my internship how much the event managers at AMEX GBT put into their job, and how much can go wrong. Knowing the importance of an event definitely pushes you to make it as seamless as possible, but that itself takes major work. Bump-in is also quite the workout, and at the end of it you certainly don’t look (or smell) that great. The glamorous side, for me at least, included the networking lunch cruise!

C: Can you tell how you secured your internship?
G: Definitely through the recommendation from Billie who was the head of Industry Engagement! I was told in my interview that she wouldn’t need to look further after the good word Billie had put in for me.

C: Why do you think you were picked? (be honest not modest)
Georgia: I think my interviewer definitely saw that I was a determined and diligent person, but again Billie’s recommendation helped significantly.

C: What was your favourite thing about interning with…?
G: My final two days were spent working on a conference, and they very generously allowed for me to stay at the hotel the conference was located at that night because I live so far from the city! Getting to know the team was also a major highlight of interning.

C: What tips could you give those wanting an internship during or after their course?
G: Persistence and patience is key – it took me a while to secure an internship, but the right opportunity will come along once you’re ready for it! AMEX took about two months to respond to my application, so stay patient and it’ll all be worth it with the knowledge you learn.

C: What factors lead you to study?
G I’ve always been passionate about events, and couldn’t find any university courses that interested me, nor did I want a boring job. I knew that the events industry would keep me on my toes, and that no two days would be the same!

C: How valuable do you think the Industry Engagement Program was and why?
G: IEP is extremely valuable because of the great benefits it brings. Whilst building the hours necessary in volunteer work for my diploma, I got to learn so much about events, got to see how much work it takes to create an event, and I got to understand the ins and outs of the industry. IEP allows you to network, build relationships and learn, and possibly even secure a job once you finish your Diploma!

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